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  Rams  2.5 years

Pre-k  2

This is your child's early introduction to hands on art projects, music/movement, circle time, and peer interaction. We are working on sharing, being kind, and learning how to be a friend.



Tigers &       Hawks   


Pre-K 3

A weekly theme based curriculum is used in the classroom. Children will begin working on colors, shapes, letters, and numbers. Puzzles and board games are used to enhance logical thinking and problem solving. Books are used to build imagination and spark creativity. Hands on activities are used to improve fine and gross motor skills. Indoor and outdoor play areas provide opportunities for endless fun.


Color Pencils




Pre-k 4

Responsibility and independence are two areas of focus at this age. We build upon what our younger classes are mastering with age appropriate activities. Writing skills, including letter and number formation, are incorporated in the daily routine. Rhyming, counting, patterns/sequencing, letter and number recognition are just a few of the skills that will be developed. Our goal is to prepare each child for a positive and successful kindergarten experience.





K-4th grade

Before care & afercare-TRANSPORTATION included to both Salt Brook & Allen W. Roberts schools

Homework time/help provided daily. Enrichment activities including art & crafts, science, building, math, sports, cooking, puzzles, and games. Outdoor and indoor free play is also encouraged.  


spring playground_edited.jpg

outdoor play areas

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